Dublin, Ireland

Dublin Ireland!

I travelled here when I was 7 years old! What I am NOT going to do is scan pictures from that embarrassing family picture album for you all to see! I have definitely blossomed since then, and a struggly, front-tooth-missing, jerry-curl-having Destynee has evolved for the better! (Shout out to GettyImages for saving your girl from hate mail saying i've caused unnecessary trauma)

Needless to say, I loved it in Dublin, not because I have a vivid memory of what it was like, but more so because it was my first trip outside of the UK and I was there to be a bridesmaid!! You couldn't tell me NOTHING! I was so excited and promised myself I would do my BEST walk down the isle for my Aunt. I travelled with my mum and my two older sisters. I was even more happy that this trip was all about me, and I had bragging rights that I was a bridesmaid, and my sisters were mere wedding attendees. Ha! (It wasn't often I got to brag when it came to my sisters) 

Mumsie was so proud to sport me during the trip, because of course HER daughter was the ONLY bridesmaid who had travelled in for the occasion! 

I have only one memory of Dublin Ireland. I remember being in my Sunday's best being taught to ride a bike by my aunts fiancé. Why was I in a church dress you ask? No idea, whenever my sisters and I travelled when we were young, we always had to wear our best matching outfits, especially on the plane. (Wasn't this the experience of every black child back in the day? No? Just us?...okay...) Needless to say, while struggling to keep my balance on the bike, the white netting under my skirt got caught on the chain, I fell off, the bike fell on top of me, and I ended up with a bloody knee. I cried on instant, not because I was hurt (i'm a thug), but because I just knew somehow and someway, I would get in trouble for getting my dress dirty... I was right. 

With that said, Dublin is definitely a location I must revisit as an adult. Click here to find out the 10 top things to do while you're in Dublin. I plan on using this list to check out some pretty cool attractions when I go again! 

Top 10 list of attractions provided by Visitdublin.com